Electri-Chef 32 Inch Electric Grill

Electri-Chef 32 Inch Electric Grill The Electri-Chef 32 Inch Electric Grill is an ideal choice for the outdoor chef that has limited space. This 32 inch electric grill has a pedestal mount and needs only 3 inches of clearance from walls.

The pedestal style design of this grill is easily anchored to your patio or deck which keeps it stable and sturdy year round.

The small footprint of the grill maximizes your outdoor space by using less floor space. The side shelves raise up for prepping and cooking but then fold down and out of the way when not being used. The Electri-Chef grill provides prep space, cooking space and storage space all in one convenient, compact unit. The pedestal base of this grill make clean up easy too.

The stainless steel construction of this electric grill is designed for easy maintenance as well durability. The removable cooking grids are designed to fit into the dishwasher for easy cleaning while the two grease trays are easily accessible being located in the front of the grill. The two side shelves provide ample surface to prepare food before cooking it on the large 448-square inch cooking surface. For keeping food warm a stainless steel warming tray hangs just above the cooking surface. The built-in timer ensures that the grill shuts off at a given time preventing overheating and overcooking. Overall this grill provides the necessary features to prepare an outstanding meal without the hassle and time requirement of charcoal. You cannot go wrong when using the Electri-Chef 32-inch Single Control Pedestal Base Grill.

Electri-Chef Features

  • Made of durable stainless steel to resist weather
  • Anchors to patio or porch for stability
  • Requires only 3 inches of clearance from wall
  • Single control for entire cooking surface
  • 448-square-inches of cooking area
  • Constant cooking temperature from 150 to 600°
  • Built-in timer for perfect cook time
  • Stainless steel cooking grids are long-lasting
  • Cooking grids are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel heat-flavor plate
  • Built-in timer for perfect cook time
  • Removable grease trays for easy cleanup
  • Rotisserie shown is not included sold separately
  • Stainless steel door conceals storage
  • Comes fully assembled for easy setup
  • Requires NEMA 6-30R receptical with weathercap
  • Dimensions: 32L x 16W x 35H inches

Electri-Chef – 32 Inch Electric Grill