Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill – Dimplex CBQ-120-ELE

Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill Dimplex CBQ-120-ELE Portable Electric Grill Crisp-tender perfection is no longer a  guessing game with the Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill using its patented EvenSear Active Heat Technology to eliminate dead spots so it cooks like a grill twice its size.

This highly adaptable portable electric grill can be used as a table top grill or either put on a pedestal  or wall mounted and side shelves can be added for additional work space.

Dual heating elements cook evenly while searing the outside at 650 degrees for moist crunchy BBQ perfection! Use the keypad to enter what you’re cooking and the grill makes optimum adjustments including time temperature and when to flip (yes you still get to flip the food). It’s so easy you can forget to check but the grill will help you with that too by reducing heat to warm if you wander off. Manual override lets you take charge if you want. It’s like having a professional chef at your fingertips only without the tantrums. Uses standard 120-volt outlet.

Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill Features

  • Restaurant-quality stainless steel construction
  • Patented control technology for no-guess perfection
  • Portable tabletop design and handy removable drip tray
  • Optional wall or pedestal mount kits, side shelves
  • No carbon monoxide or emissions; glass stays cool
  • Dimensions: 21.75W x 20.5D x 11.675H inches

PowerChef Portable Electric Grill

Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill