Dimplex Grills

Enjoy Outdoor Cooking With Dimplex Grills

Dimplex grills make it possible for anyone to enjoy that backyard barbecue flavor. Even folks that live in apartments and condos can enjoy outdoor cooking with a Dimplex electric grill.

Electric grills are becoming the only option for many people as insurance companies are now balking at insuring people who use open flame barbecuing.

Dimplex pioneered electric fireplaces developing the first realistic flame technology. The Dimplex electric grill was the logical next step for this innovative company.

Dimplex Grills Have Developed EvenSear Technology

Dimplex electric grills feature EvenSear technology to deliver authentic barbecue taste. Dimplex grills use two heating elements simultaneously.

The lower element is for cooking and giving an even heat. The upper element is for searing and helps lock in that authentic barbecue flavor. Besides great flavor, the grill cooks evenly. There are no cold spots so everything cooks to perfection.

Dimplex Electric Grills Are Easy To Use

Dimplex electric grills aren’t just for apartment or condo living. They are safe and easy to use and hassle free. They are compact and fit just about anywhere. They plug it in to any standard electrical outlet.

Dimplex grills work as well as a gas grill, but with any hot spots, no lugging heavy tanks, and worries about running out of fuel either. This new line of electric grills has been dubbed the PowerChef.

The Dimplex PowerChef

Dimplex PowerChef electric grills are available as tabletop electric grills and base model electric grills. Some models feature sophisticated automatic cooking and others are manually operated.

Tabletop electric grills are versatile. They are portable and you can take them anywhere. Because they are compact you can store them easily during the winter. You can get optional carts and stands for them if you would rather set them up in your backyard like a traditional barbecue.

Dimplex PowerChef base grill models look like the traditional gas grill. But these electric grills offer more even heat, no hot spots or flare ups. With the even-searing PowerChef dual heating elements you get great barbecue flavor and traditional grill marks too.

Dimplex electric grills have many satisfied users and excellent user reviews. Considering their versatility, superior cooking and flavor, and the fact Dimplex has many models to choose from, you really can’t go wrong buying one of these Dimplex grills.

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