Cook Number Grills

Cook Number Grills – Now Grill Anywhere

Cook Number Grills are manufactured in the heart of Minnesota by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company which makes everything from weatherproof furniture, outdoor fire pits, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and gas and electric grills.

The companiy’s goal is to help everyone create their own unique outdoor room and spend more time enjoying outside living, without giving up the comfort of indoor living.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company makes the Cook Number Grill and the line includes some of the most innovative and best electric grills anywhere.

Cook Number Electric Grills Take The Guess Work Out Of Grilling

The unique system used in Cook Number Grills takes the guess workout of grilling. Now when you want your steak medium rare you can have it that way, every time.

Now you can grill, roast or bake inside or out. Every balcony, terrace or patio can become an outdoor kitchen and everyone living in an apartment or condo can enjoy backyard BBQ taste and thanks to Cook Number Grills sensor technology everyone will be a better cook too.

Watch The Video To See The Cook Number Grill Work


Cook Number Grills – 3 Models To Choose From

The Cook Number Grill comes in three different models and there is one to fit everyone’s budget. The LG20i/e is the Legacy 20″ Cook Number Electric Grill in stainless steel and is most expensive at around $400. If you live near saltwater or plan on using it on your boat dock it may be a wise investment.

Cook Number Grills - JAG20ENext is the JAG20e Cook Number 20″ Electric Grill which is available in black and gun metal gray for about half the price. Essentially the units are identical except for the finish. So if you don’t need stainless steel you can save a bundle by going with the JAG20e.

Finally there is the CNE20 Cook Number 20″ Electric Grill. This one is under $200 but it is different from the other models which both have 2 control knobs.

The CNE20 uses a 3-way switch to turn on the searing plate instead of an individual temperature control. It still has the same ability to adjust how well done your meat is with the temperature probe like the other models.

The savings are really not that great by eliminating the second temperature control and honestly I would recommend going with one of the other Cook Number Grills and having greater control over the searing plate and the grill.

Cook Number Grills – Features

  • Quickly reaches temperatures up to 500 F for searing (7-12 minutes)
  • Exclusive Cook Number system tells you when your food is perfectly done
  • Portable and lightweight. Just 18“ x 20“ and only 36 lbs.
  • Safe to use inside or out (venting hood needed for indoors)
  • Regular 110 volts – just plug it in
  • Grease drawer and aluminum tray slide out for easy cleaning
  • 250 square inch cooking surface
  • Optional grill carts available
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless steel

Cook Number Grills are designed to conserve heat and save energy. They can pay for themselves fast too. These high-efficiency electric grills cost only 10¢ an hour to use compared to as much $1.50 to $3.00 an hour for ordinary gas grills.

Grill cleaner and greener and you can grill green in places where open flames aren’t allowed, like apartments and condos, with Cook Number Grills.

Cook Number Grills