Beer Can Chicken Recipes

Beer Can Chicken

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So you bought some chicken and now you are looking for a way to cook it. Well if you are looking for a way to bbq your chicken and haven’t tried beer can chicken yet, what are you waiting for? Talk about delicious, moist and mouthwatering bbq! The best thing is it is so easy. Just stuff a partially full beer can you know where, rub some seasoning on it and you are good to go. Here’s a great article and recipe you can use on your bird.

The Fragrant Zodiack: Beercan Chicken Jubilee – the Folkestone way


“I’ve had a yen to do try out Steven Raichlen’s recipe for Beercan Chicken on the barbecue grill ever since I first came across it. What can I say? I like amusing flashy things like that. With a long weekend in view, I decided the …”

Beer Can Chicken Recipe Video

Here’s a video with another great beer can chicken recipe you can try. And remember although it’s called beer can chicken you can use just about any liquid inside the can. Also there is plenty of room to get creative and experiment with different seasonings to rub on your chicken.

BBQ Beer Can Chicken

This simple number will have all your friends in awe!! Can of beer, chicken and a barbeque…it couldn’t be easier.