Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Cook turkeys in just 45 minutes or three chickens in just 20 minutes cook with the Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer. Why take longer? A turkey fryer is way faster than old-school baking and your food turns out much moister too.

The Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kit has a tall narrow shape which means you can cook up to a 22-pound turkey using only 3-5 gallons of oil and it will be ready-to-eat in only 45 minutes!

The Bayou Turkey Fryer Kit comes with skewers that will  let you cook three small chickens all at once.

You can also use the included perforated basket and poultry rack for steaming vegetables, boiling lobsters, shrimp and crawfish. Fry up some corn fritters or even doughnuts. Or remove the basket altogether and use it for canning stews and soups.

This versatile Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kit includes lots of extras:

  • Professional-grade 30-quart fryer
  • Made of aluminum with heavy-duty handles
  • Perforated frying basket with safety grab hook
  • Poultry rack
  •  Three skewers
  • 12-inch fry thermometer
  • Free seasoning injector.

Bayou Classic is known for their turkey fryers, stainless steel stockpots and cast iron cookware. Bayou Classic strives to create quality cost-effective products that help spread the joy of outdoor cooking.

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer – 30 Quart Turkey Fryer Kit